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Dashboard Home Screen

The dashboard home screen displays active campaigns, donations received, completed campaigns, almost completed campaigns, latest donations, and latest campaigns. You can also click on campaigns, or donors, for more editing options.


Exclusive Login Screen


Dashboard Home Screen


Ease Of Use

Notice how easy it is to navigate the Crowd Worthy Dashboard. You do not need numerous, useless, menu items to create a powerful fundraising website. Crowd Worthy has all of the essentials. And we are not afraid to show it you. No need to schedule a demo or have a sales person call you with high pressure marketing hype!


Campaigns Menu

List of Campaigns

This page displays all fundraising campaigns created using the software. To edit a campaign, click on the pencil icon at the right of the row where the campaign is listed. Select campaigns to delete or export; view total donations, deadlines, and status; preview active or inactive campaigns.

Add Campaign Tab

Add New Campaign

To add a new campaign, enter text in the form fields, then click on the "Save" button. You can enter a Title and Description; Upload a campaign Image; select the campaign Deadline; enter a desired goal Amount; set the Terms; configure the campaign to be Active or Inactive.



When accessing the administration dashboard for the first time, click menu links and browse pages to view configuration and editing options. You will receive a very detailed documentation file upon subscribing to any Crowd Worthy plan. You can become familiar with the entire menu system in just a few minutes!


View Donations

This page displays a full list of donations for all your campaigns. You can also update donations using this menu. To view contributor's details, click on the corresponding pencil icon. To add a donation manually, click on the "Add donation" tab.

Donations List

The donations page displays is a full list of donations for all your campaigns. To view a donor's details, click on the corresponding pencil icon. For each campaign, you can view donor's name; date & time of donation; donation amount; and paid or not paid status. Selecting a campaign and clicking the pencil icon opens a new "Update donation" tab.

Update Donation

Be sure to click the "Save" button to update information of the selected donation. This page displays the Date & time and IP address of the donation. Select a campaign to view the donor's Name, Email, Phone, Amount, Payment method, Credit Card Type; Credit Card Number; Credit Card expiration date, Credit Card code, and paid or unpaid Status.


Add Donation

Add Donation Form

To add a new donation, fill out the form shown here, then click the "Save" button. On the Campaign option, click the drop-down arrow to add a donation to a selected campaign.

Choose Campaign

You can also select a payment method on this page or set the payment to Paid or Not Paid. Payment methods include: Authorize.net, Bank Account, Cash, PayPal, or Credit Card.



The option to Add Donations to campaigns is very useful when accepting checks or cash from donors and want to have the information included in your fundraising database.


Options Menu Button

The Options menu button displays five tabs: General, Donations, Notifications, Languages (includes Titles and Import/Export sub-tabs), and Backup.

General Tab

The General tab has options to set values for Date format, Time format, Timezone, and Send email (PHP or SMTP).

Donations Tab

Edit various payment related values. Including settings for PayPal, Authorize.net, Cash, wire transfers, and more.



Notification Messages

Email notification messages are sent to admins, donors, or both. The notifications are triggered by different events such as donation received or when a payment is made. Notifications incude: Donation confirmation message; Donation payment message; Donation confirmation message; and Payment received message.

Confirmation Values

Confirmation email, and payment, can be set to yes or no, and include: Donation confirmation email; Donation payment email; New donation received email; Payment received email; and Payment received (status). Email subjects can be set for Donation payment and Donation confirmation. Edit ALL message settings carefully



Be very careful when editing message, confirmation, and all other options menu pages. You can become familiar with the entire menu system in just a few minutes. Simply Powerful!



Use this feature to manually edit any, or all, page titles to the langauge of your choice. Use the search box to quickly locate a title. Crowd Worthy only supports dashboards in the default English language.


This form will allow you to Import, or Export, CSV (comma seperated values) listing all titles. To save time, you can export all existing titles, then easily edit titles to your preferred language. Then, import the entire file.



Backup Database

We recommend you to regularly back up your database and files to prevent any loss of information.

Backup Files

You can also delete, or backup, files. Databases and files are compressed into sql and zip file formats.


User Accounts

View/Edit Users

Here you can view, edit, set roles and status, for admins and editors. Set accounts to active or inactive; delete, change status, and export user data.

Add Users

This screen allows you to add new users and set the Role (admin/editor), Email, Password, Name, Phone Number, and Status (active/inactive). Always Save when done editing.


Install and Preview

Select Campaign

Use the drop-down menu to select a campaign to install or preview.

Embed Code

Copy the code shown on the page and paste it into HTML, website builder, CMS, social media, etc.


Our online fundraising software provides major advantages to fundraisers. Clients are getting more donations, while saving time, energy, and money. Our Online Fundraising Software is NOT a plug-in or extension.


Clicking the Preview button opens a new window displaying your donation form. The form will take on positioning attributes (ie. mobile responsive, centering, etc.) according to where the script is installed.



Donor Information

Once a donor enters an amount and clicks the DONATE button, a new window opens where they enter brief personal information (Name, Email, and Phone (optional)). Check box to agree with Terms and Conditions is displayed.

Payment Method

Prior to clicking the DONATE button on this page, donors must select a payment method (Authorize.net, Bank Account, Cash, PayPal, or Credit Card) and check the agree to terms box.



Payment options available on donation forms are determined by settings configured by admins and/or editors. Your donation forms have an industry standard Terms and Conditions file included (edit as you choose). There is also a built-in recover password feature. Simply Powerful!

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