First Steps

Upon selection, and payment, of your subscription plan, you will be assigned an online fundraising consultant who will contact you and provide all necessary getting started files and documentation. Your consultant will request some information necessary to proceed with initial setup, and installation, of your online fundraising software and website. Once you provide the account and software setup information, the process takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

Software Components


Step One

Your online fundraising consultant will coordinate with our technical support staff to install your software in a dedicated Crowd Worthy folder. You, and any other staff you authorize, will use this link to access the administration dashboard to configure and manage fundraising campaigns.

Folder example:

Step Two

The setup process will include installation of your pre-built web page, or website, depending upon the subscription plan you selected. Your website will be hosted on a dedicated Crowd Worthy subdomain with a name requested by you in the initial consultation. Of course, you can additionally use Crowd Worthy fundraising software to publish website, or social media, campaigns with any hosting provider you choose!

Subdomain example:

Please Note:

Crowd Worthy Online Fundraising Software is not an automated proprietary plug-in system like most other software. Your website is independently designed for the most flexible business growth and expansion. Our support staff is always available to help you succeed!

Step Three

You will use the Crowd Worthy dashboard to create, publish, and administer fundraising campaigns. The dashboard has beeen streamlined to contain only essential menu items; this easy to use administration dashboard saves you a lot of time and effort. Time is Money!

Administration Features

Simply Powerful:

We provide you with a very user friendly interface. The Crowd Worthy Online Fundraising Software dashboard has the essential features that the more expensive services have. We don't confuse you with a bunch of useless menu items that will require much time to learn and that you will never need! With this simplicity comes a lot more power and control than any other fundraising software.

Why pay more for less?

Dashboard and Campaigns

Crowd Worthy has simplified the process of managing and creating fundraising campaigns. Administrators, and Editors, can view Active Campaigns; Donations Received; Completed Campaigns; Almost Completed; Latest Donations; and Lastest Campaigns in the Dashboard immediatley upon log-in.

The Campaign menu item exemplifies the ease of use. Depending upon permissions set by adminstrators, users can List Campaigns; Add Campaigns; Search Campaigns; Filter Active, Inactive, or View All Campaigns; Edit, Delete, and View Campaigns and Donations; Change Campaign Status (Active or Inactive); and Export Campaign Data (from Donor Database).


The Donations menu allows authorized users to quickly View, Edit, Add, or Delete donations. The page lists Campaigns, Donors Name, Date and Time of donation, Amount Donated, Status (Paid or Not Paid). Users can Edit, Delete, or Export Campaign and Donor data.


A simple, yet powerful, interface displaying options to Backup Database and Files; set Language preferences; configure twelve (12) distinct Donation, and Payment, automated email settings; set Currency, Payment Gateways, Thank You page redirect URL; select PHP or SMTP email options; and more.


The User menu displays a list of all Admin, and Editor, users and email addresses allowed to access the system. Admins can add any type of user on this page. Users can be selected to be active, inactive, edited, roles changed, or deleted.

Install and Preview

This page presents a drop-down menu to select a campaign; once a campaign is selected, the embed code is displayed. This is the code inserted in your website, page, or any other CMS, web builder, social media, etc. Clicking "Preview" will open your campaign in a web page where you can see exactly how it will look to prospective donors.

NOTE: (1) The campaign donation box will adopt the functionality of the page where the code is embedded. For example, on mobile optimized pages the donation box will take on those features. (2) In Preview mode, the campaign is inserted in a simple webpage with no additional coding; therefore it will display in the default upper left corner of the page. The Preview is fully functional for testing image size and other features.


Click Here for a more detailed look at the Crowd Worthy Online Fundraising Software Dashboard Components and Features.

Want To Start or Grow A Social Entrepreneurship Business?

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Why not establish a business that directly impacts social, community, or environmental issues? The opportunities are unlimited. Organize, mobilize, and manage a for-profit business that supports social change. Your goal will be to raise funds to target specific projects and programs; pay yourself with a percentage of donations.

We Can Help: Crowd Worthy Fundraising Software and Website services can significantly increase your donations.

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